The House

The DAmico Studio and Archive consists of three structures: the DAmico House, the Brook Cottage, and the Oyster Watchers Hut. These buildings are set on three adjoining lots facing Gardiners Bay and the entrance to Napeague Harbor on the Lazy Point peninsula, providing a magnificent, dynamic natural setting and striking vistas. The DAmico House dates to 1940, when Mabel and Victor secured the lot in Lazy Point. They built a modern beach house, a flat-roofed, glass box structure with an open interior, the design of which, in many ways foreshadowed that of The Art Barge.

Visiting the House

The DAmico House displays a diverse collection of original artwork, furnishings, and objects, such as designs collected by the
DAmicos through the Museum of Modern Art and the DAmicos own. The majority of the artworks and numerous objects displayed are by Mabel, a found object construction artist. Permanent displays and temporary exhibits show the breadth of her creative output, which includes paintings, work in glass and wood, jewelry and clothes. The house features ingenious functional aspects like cabinetry integrated beneath the stairway, unique lighting and electrical systems, sculptural door casings, and hand-glazed glass tile countertops, all designed, created, and installed by Mabel and Victor. Visitors experience profoundly Mabel and Victors creatively prolific lives.

ONE HOUR TOURS AVAILABLE. Book a tour online from April to December.

Off-season tours can be arranged for Saturday mornings by calling (631) 267 3172 or email [email protected] at three days in advance.


The experience of her studio provides insight and brings dimension to the many creations that populate the house, making more tangible her experimental approach to art and art teaching. Curated temporary exhibitions with invited artists serve to highlight and interpret Mabels artwork and the couples very original way of life. As visitors are led through the DAmico House, they experience profoundly Mabel and Victors creative lifestyle and production.